Plans to buy or sell?  No matter what type of commercial real estate endeavor you have in mind,  Nicole Jones Commercial Real Estate will craft an effective solution for you.

Location, and the ability to use that location for your intended purpose, are keys to any successful business enterprise.  Nicole Jones Commercial Real Estate performs thorough market research, an essential component of the commercial real estate process.

Investing? Let Nicole Jones Commercial Real Estate help determine the highest and best use of your property and examine your long-term goals so you may mitigate risk and maximize profits.  At Nicole Jones Commercial Real Estate, we will perform an inclusive analysis of the property including the physical and functional characteristics, financial history, and competitive position within the market to recommend viable solutions for clients.  


Nicole Jones Commercial Real Estate can help. We recognize the strict timelines and regulations associated with 1031 Exchanges and can provide you with a multitude of investment options that may allow you to qualify for deferred gain treatment.  



As with sales, effective marketing originates from a thorough grasp of client objectives coupled with a systematic review of the designated property.  This principle applies when you desire to lease a property for your business or if you own an investment property to be leased.



Effective marketing is also critical to the sale or lease of your property.  Nicole Jones pays attention to detail in all phases of marketing including signage, flyers, internet advertising, email, direct mail, brochures, press releases, letters, conferences, outreach, and face-to-face networking to maximize your property's exposure.  Nicole Jones Commercial Real Estate has a solid professional network and will match investors, buyers, and sellers.



Buyer/Tenant Representation involves a myriad of elements including extensive property research as well as the evaluation of space, demographics, and lease or purchase terms.  Nicole Jones, President of Nicole Jones Commercial Real Estate, has intense training in negotiation techniques and will utilize her skills to maximize benefits for her clients.  Dr. Jones asserts that the art of negotiation must be coupled with integrity at all times. Dr. Nicole Jones associates with a vast network of colleagues in the real estate and business arenas and can link clients with other professionals for all elements of project development.  Whether a property is listed with our firm or not, Nicole Jones Commercial Real Estate can assist you with your search and procurement.